Strategies for the multiplex mapping of genes to traits

TitleStrategies for the multiplex mapping of genes to traits
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsA Garst, M Lynch, R Evans, and RT Gill
JournalMicrobial Cell Factories
Start Page99
Pagination99 - 99
Date Published01/2013

Rewiring and optimization of metabolic networks to enable the production of commercially valuable chemicals is a central goal of metabolic engineering. This prospect is challenged by the complexity of metabolic networks, lack of complete knowledge of gene function(s), and the vast combinatorial genotype space that is available for exploration and optimization. Various approaches have thus been developed to aid in the efficient identification of genes that contribute to a variety of different phenotypes, allowing more rapid design and engineering of traits desired for industrial applications. This review will highlight recent technologies that have enhanced capabilities to map genotype-phenotype relationships on a genome wide scale and emphasize how such approaches enable more efficient design and engineering of complex phenotypes.

Short TitleMicrobial Cell Factories