Broad host range vectors for stable genomic library construction.

TitleBroad host range vectors for stable genomic library construction.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsMD Lynch, and RT Gill
JournalBiotechnology & Bioengineering
Start Page151
Pagination151 - 158
Date Published05/2006

We describe the construction of 36 stable vectors for genomic library construction in gram-negative species. These vectors contain the pBBR1 replicon that has been shown to stably replicate in every gram-negative species tested. The plasmids also contain bidirectional, rho-independent transcriptional terminators flanking the multiple cloning site, which allows for greater insert stability, and thus, greater genomic representation. Each vector varies in its antibiotic resistance cassette, mobilization function, and promoter used to express insert sequences. These vectors should prove useful in the screening of highly representational genomic libraries in a broad variety of gram-negative species.

Short TitleBiotechnology & Bioengineering