Anaytical Chemist

We are looking for a Analytical Chemist to support researchers in the quantification as well as structural determinations of small molecular compounds  inlcuidng common metabolites. As an Analytical Chemist leading a cost center you will be responsible for developing, running and data analysis of LC-MS/MS, SPE-MS/MS (Agilent Rapid Fire) mass spectrometry and the HPLC separations functions for a variety of projects. Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to: 1) Provide direct training, supervision and continuing education for researchers who have “hands-on” use of instrumentation. 2) Develop standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for the laboratory and for instrument use 3) Provide consultation to researchers in solving problems, interpreting results, and developing analytical methods, 4) Maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing instruments and performing general laboratory maintenance such as ordering supplies as needed 5) Assisting with operations and maintenance. Qualifications include a  Master’s or Ph.D., with experience in analytical chemistry working with mass spectrometry, HPLC and LC-MS/MS, preferrably with small molecules. Must have strong communication skills.  Experience with Waters HPLC and Mass Spectrometric instruments under Mass Lynx software, and experience with Agilent software and euqipment if prefferred. Computer programming a plus. If interested please send an email with CV/Resume to Mike Lynch, Michael.lynch@duke.edu

Post Doc Opportunities

Inquiries regarding opportunities for postdoctoral research in our laboratory are always welcome. Backgrounds in fields related to Chemical, Bio- or Metabolic Engineering are preferred. Opportunities in projects combining aspects of biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, fermentation, metabolic network modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, natural products and analytical chemistry are available. Post docs are expected to work independently and provide leadership for more junior investigators. Alumni from this lab have moved on to outstanding positions in industry.

Graduate Students

The team is always interested in motivated and talented students who are interested in the lab. Students are accepted through either the Biomedical Engineering Department https://bme.duke.edu/ and then directly admitted to the Lynch Lab or can join the lab after acceptance and rotations through the Chemistry department https://chem.duke.edu/ . Applications to the BME program are accepted in the fall.

Undergraduate Students

We are always open to offering motivated undergraduates opportunities to do mentored research in our lab. As an undergraduate you will work closely with a graduate student or post doc. Opportunities for independent study credit or work study exist. Please contact Michael Lynch michael.lynch@duke.edu for about potential opportunities.