Lab Resources

Our team is always open to exploring opportunities to collaborate. In addition to our expertise, we have the following resources.

  • To discuss collaborations or to discuss the use of any of our resources , please contact Michael Lynch.

Lab Automation

  • Strain & Enzyme Screening


  • Colony Picking


  • M2P Labs Biolector Microreactor System
  • 8 X 1 L Infors fully instrumented bioreactors

Analytical Capabilities

  • Waters Acquity UPLC linked with a XEVO-TQD MS/MS
  • Waters Acquity UPLC linked with a TUV and RI detector
  • YSI Biochemistry Analyzer
  • Agilent Rapid Fire Linked with 6445 qTOF 


  • Platform Strains for Dynamic Metabolic Control
  • Product Specific Strains



  • Coming Soon!